Capsule App

Door-Step Medicine Delivery Within Two Hours

A leading pharmacy delivery app that delivers essential medicines right at your doors steps within the same day. Capsule is one of the United States of America’s leading pharmacy and medicine delivery applications. On this app, you can find all of your medical prescriptions and essential medications easily and they will be delivered to your doorstep within the same day.

Unlike many other top pharmacy delivery applications, Capsule doesn’t require you to visit a physical pharmacy “ever”. This is quite an advantage over its competitors like CVS and Walgreens. But this doesn’t mean that Capsule doesn’t have a physical store, they have one per each city, and it is known as a “hub”.

Coming back to the pharmacy delivery part, this app offers you a 24/7 service. This means you can order essential medications any time of the day or night, and get them right at your doorstep in no time. There is also an option for express delivery which gets you your medicines within the next two hours. In addition to medicines, it also provides medication adherence reports.

While there are many other apps like Capsule, this pharmacy delivery app remains one of the best ones in the United States of America. Founded back in 2015 by Eric Kinariwala and Sonia Patel, this pharmacy app has been termed “Uber For Drugs”.

This is what makes Capsule such a revolutionary pharmacy delivery application in the USA market. Its true need was proved in the pandemic when people couldn’t go out of their houses for anything let alone medicines. As such, this is the best example of a same-day prescription delivery app.

If you are someone who needs urgent medicine and can’t leave the house for one or another reason, Capsule is just the platform you are looking for.