Doctor on Demand (Dr+)

Best On-demand Healthcare Services in The Reach of Your Hand

The on-demand doctor app allows users to receive various health covering both mental and physical aspects. This includes consulting different medical specialists, getting medication, mental health, preventative, primary, chronic care, and emergency services, among others.

All of these services are offered by licensed doctors, physicians, licensed psychologists. And you can access these through the web, tablet, mobile, and other devices.

Doctor On Demand, also known as Dr+, provides virtual healthcare services that can be availed around the clock. This doctor on-demand app was first introduced to the public almost a decade ago in 2013. It was established with a mission to improve the world’s health through right and innovative healthcare.

As of today, Dr + offers treatment for a number of diseases, including (but not limited to): Allergies, Anxiety, Acne, Urinary tract infection, Cold & flu, Depression, Prescription refill, Rash, Stress, Postpartum, Grief & Loss, PTSD, Yeast infection, Covid-19 concerns, Sinus infections, Hypertension, and IBS.

While Uber for X trend was still quite popular before covid, it wasn’t until after Corona induced lockdown that telemedicine really boomed. This application can be a blessing for you if you can’t travel to the doctor or just don’t want to. Not only this, but it also allows you to receive special care right where you need it. An app like Doctor On Demand is quite beneficial for the needy.