Duolingo App

Best E-learning App For Language Learner

Do you want to learn a new language but don’t have enough time to attend classes? Duolingo has come to your rescue. This is the best e-learning mobile app for learning new languages. It probably doesn’t need any introduction since everyone and anyone knows about this language learning mobile app.

There are over 103 different language courses in 40 languages covering likes of English, French, German, etc. Out of these 103 courses, 37 are designed specifically for English speakers. However, lessons of Duolingo aren’t limited to just real-world languages. You can also learn various languages from the world of fantasy. Some of the popular examples include High Valyrian from Game of Thrones and Klingon from the infamous Star Trek.

Moreover, this e-learning platform uses a variety of effective exercises to teach language in an easy yet effective way. This includes written translation, reading, narrating, short stories, etc. Duolingo does something known as “Gamification” of the learning process. The difficulty level of these exercises gradually increases to horn the skills of the learner.

Furthermore, in recent years, Duolingo has also been integrating Artificial Intelligence solutions into its courses. This makes the learning process even friendlier for users.

Consequently, Duolingo and apps like Duolingo have become quite popular among language learners. And these platforms attracted more than 500 million users to date. Much of the credit goes to the Freemium business model of the platform. Meaning all of the basic courses on the app can be used by the learner for free. However, if they want the premium services, they have to pay a fee for it.

All in all, Duolingo remains one of its kind and on top of the e-learning mobile app market. If you are someone who wants to learn new languages, Duolingo can be just the platform you are longing for.