Tinder App

Best Online Dating Mobile App

Tinder is one of the best dating apps in the market as of today. First launched at the hackathon in 2012, this online dating app has completely revolutionized how people looked at dating. There was a stereotype related to online dating but everything has changed after this application.

Originally this application was termed as “Matchbox”. However, the founder Sean Rad and Joe Munoz soon realized that it was too similar to Match.com which is another dating platform. This is when the icon flame-themed logo with the infamous name “tinder” was born, and the world of dating was never the same again. It goes without saying, an app like tinder is outstanding, innovative, and stands in a league of its own.

This platform integrates various modern technologies like AI-enabled Algorithms, high-end security, and so on. Nevertheless, one thing that stands out is swiping-based navigation. What tinder does is, it will show you profiles based on your preferences, now you can either like their profile or dislike them by swiping right and left.

This feature was actually developed one year after tinder’s original launch, as earlier it was click-based navigation. The suggestions are based on various factors including location, preferences, likes, dislikes, and various other things.

In order to manage this all, App similar to tinder and tinder itself allows users to create a profile. To facilitate interaction after two profiles are matched, the app also has an in-app chatting feature.

Dating apps like tinder have really changed how people find their potential partners and look at dating in general. If you are someone who is looking for a SO, Tinder can really be beneficial for you.