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  • May 13, 2022
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Have you ever used any taxi App like Careem app like Careem? Or looking to develop a taxi app clone? Then it would be best if you focused on something important that will help you most while developing a ride-hailing app. For the best results, it would be great if youĀ hire dedicated taxi app developersĀ for it. They will help you craft the new age app that your customers will find quite enjoyable to use.Ā  The transportation industry faces change every decade. The latest change of this decade isĀ taxi app developmentĀ that is beneficial for the taxi business and the daily commuters where they can leverage the taxi app like Careem.   careem   With the help of these apps, an individual can move from one destination to another without waiting for the common transportation facility at the bus stop or metro station. There is a considerable demand for taxi apps worldwide due to the increasing need for intelligent transportation solutions. The taxi app is an intelligent move for transportation business owners to target a wide range of audiences. There are many advancements in the taxi app development sector where app like Careem are leading the market. There is a massive volume of transactions in the market via these apps to consider these apps a potential tool for revenue generation.  

Some Exciting Statistical Facts That You Need to Know

The days are gone when people used to book their rides over the phone with traditional taxi services. Now, most people useĀ app like Careem. Where they can get on-demand transportation.   industry-revenue Here are some statistics (source- Statista) that you would be amazed after knowing it ā€“
  • In the taxi, segment revenue is expected to reach USD 258,384 in 2021.
  • The expected CAGR 2021-2025 is 11.02% that is projected to reach USD 392,580 million.
  • Users are expected to reach 1635.3 million by 2025.
  • There are 30 million users who use the Careem taxi app, and it is active in 120 cities around 14 countries worldwide.
  • Around 1 million drivers are working with Careem.

Taxi app development: The ultimate guide

How Does a Taxi App Works?Ā 

Whether it is app like Careem or any taxi app, we need to admit that these apps have changed the whole scenario of the taxi & transportation business and are considered new-gen travel industry solutions. If you want to have a taxi app for doing business with it, you need to understand its working first. So, let's go through it that how a taxi app works. Step1- Users have to put their starting point and endpoint either by typing or by location pinning. While booking the ride, they can choose the vehicle to pay the charges accordingly as per the vehicle chosen and the distance they have to cover. Step2- By verifying data and location ride will be confirmed. Step3- The user's request is matched to the nearby available driver, and users get the information that a particular vehicle driver will pick them up in ETA.   Taxi App Works   Note: the driver can accept or reject the request based on their availability. If some driver rejects the request, then it will be matched to the nearby driver.Ā  Step4- Once the ride is finished, the amount will be automatically deducted from the attached credit or debit card. Step5Ā ā€“ After payment user is requested to provide the overall feedback about the ride. It seems very easy to use the taxi app, but lots of effort are required to develop app like Careem.

What Are The Essential Features That Need to be Implemented in a Taxi App like Careem?

Usually, a taxi app like Careem is a combination of three segments: a taxi app for passengers, a taxi app for drivers, and an admin panel. To make the app fully functional, all segments must be compatible and work fine to satisfy the customer's needs. So, let's have a look over the crucial features that every taxi app requires.   app like Careem

#A. Taxi App For PassengerĀ 

  #1. User Sign-Up & login Users need to sign-up for the app first. To use it, they need to register themselves with an e-mail id, phone number, or social media id; once after the username and password creation, the user can log in smoothly.   #2. My Profile Users can set their profile details such as name, date of birth, phone number, e-mail, and other details.   #3. Cab Booking The most crucial feature of a taxi app serves the prime objective of developing apps for taxi servicesĀ like Careem.Ā In use, it must remain easy so the customers can find it smooth to use. Here customers need to enter the start location and end location to book the ride.   #4. Push Notifications Most amazing feature alerts the users on a real-time basis. It covers ride-booking confirmation, ride ending, alerting users for offers, coupon codes, etc.   features-passenger-module   #5. Flexible Payment Options A taxi services provider's prime responsibility is to facilitate the customers for hassle-free payment, so here you can add multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, and net banking.   #6. Real-Time GPS Tracking This feature helps users track the vehicle's real position while coming on the spot and riding. The app fetches GPS data shared by the service provider.Ā    #7. Cab Type The user can choose the vehicle as per choice and requirement. If that type of vehicle is not available, then the user gets the suggestion about other vehicles.   #8. Fare Calculation Once the user chooses to start and endpoint destination, they must get the automatic fare calculation details.   #9. Booking History contains the details of all ride that includes ongoing, ended and canceled.   #10. Ratings & Reviews Users can review the ride and also write feedback about it.  

How to Build a Real-Time Car Sharing App like Uber?

#B. Taxi App For DriversĀ 

  #1. Registration A little bit complex than the user sign-up process because proper authentication is required of the driver via social security number.   #2. Edit Driver's Profile The drivers can set and edit their profile, including their contact no, details, e-mail id, images of their vehicle, and all.   #3. Booking Confirmation Based on their availability, drivers can accept or reject the request.   features-driver-module   #4. Real-Time Map This feature helps drivers suggest the best route to pick up and drop the commuters' on-time.   #5. Earnings Drivers can check their per day and overall earnings.Ā    #6. Push Notifications It helps the driver to stay updated about real-time alerts. It also includes the ride-booking request by passengers.   #7. Feedback Allows drivers to provide feedback about the passengers.Ā Ā    mobile app ctaas

#C. Admin Panel

  #1. Location Management Admin can add or remove locations based on the requirement. Suppose if any route has less volume, they can easily remove it, or suppose if any route is busy but does not have ride-sharing or taxi services, then the services can be added to that route.   #2. Fare Modification The admins or app owner can modify the fare for all or some specific routes.   #3. User Management It covers passengers and drivers. The admin can view their profile, and in the event of some issues, they can help the users resolve that. Even the admin can reset the password of drivers or user profiles on request.   #4. Booking Management The admin can view all the ongoing and previous bookings and get information about generated revenue.   App like careem   #5. Vehicle Management All information related to the vehicle stays in front of the admin so an admin can handle it smoothly if there is a need to manage the vehicle & driver.   #6. Review of Ratings It helps the admin to improve the service quality. An administrator can read all the feedbacks, reviews, and complaints by users, so later, based on it, the strategic decision can be made.   #7. Live Map With the help of this feature admin can keep track of vehicles and passengers.   #8. Coupons Generation For better customer management admin can generate the coupon codes, promo codes, and offer codes.   #9. Push Notifications This allows the admin to send real-time updates to the passengers and drivers at a time.  

Advanced Features You Need To Consider While DevelopingĀ  App Like Careem

Although most taxi booking apps have standard features, if you want to take your taxi app clone to the next level, the following are some advanced features that you can consider while developing app like Careem.   App like careem

1. Pick-Up Location

Allows passengers to find out the nearby driver. It also fetches the Location automatically from where a customer is booking a ride.

2. Ride Cancellation

Passenger or driver can cancel the ride within a specific period.

3. Split Payment

While ride-sharing, the customer has an equal share of ride fare.

4. Real-Time Maps

Passengers can observe all the cabs in their close proximity.

5. Book Later

The passengers can book a ride in advance, and at the scheduled time, the cab will arrive at their location.

6. Gamification

For better customer engagement, gamification works miraculously. The users and drivers can have stars, badges, etc.

7. Voice Recognition

Most advanced apps use voice recognition features, so if you include it in your taxi app like Careem clone, it will take your application to a new level.

8. Panic Button

In case any discrepancy occurs while riding so the users can push the panic button available on the app to inform the management for quick help.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App Like Careem?

If you want to develop an app like Careem, you also need to know what cost it takes to build the app. Initially, it takesĀ $10,000-$30,000Ā to develop Careem like app for iOS and Android platforms. The rest depends upon the features; suppose you need to implement advanced features, which may take more cost.   Cost to Develop An App Like Careem   For an excellent app, you need toĀ hire on-demand app developers. They will craft a fully functional app for business purposes. You can hire developers in two ways one is project basis, and another is hourly basis. The developers will chargeĀ $25-$50/ hour.

The Tech Stack Required To Develop Taxi App Clone or App Like Careem

For developing a perfect taxi app clone, the tech stack always plays an important role. Here we are talking about developing an app like Careem, one of the top-notch taxi booking apps. So, here are some details regarding the tech stack.
  • For Android App- Kotlin, Java
  • For iOS- Swift, Objective C#
  • Firebase ā€“ for building fine application
  • APNS ā€“ for push notifications
  • Twilio- for SMS integration
  • Facebook SDK ā€“ for finding the people behaviour with the app
  • Google Map API ā€“ for geolocation pinning, tracking, routing, and navigation
  • Google Place- for places or destinations
  • js- for backend development
  • Payment Integration- PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
  • Amazon S3- for cloud storage
  • Amazon EC2- for cloud hosting
Those mentioned above are initial tech stack requirements for developing apps similar to Careem. There may be more additional tech stack elements that can be used depending upon the requirements. Apart from the tech stack here, the persons involved will be ā€“
  • UI/UX designer
  • Android/iOS developers
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • QA Engineer
  Mobile App Development CTA

Top-10 Alternative to App like Careem

The tagline of Careem is ā€“ will get you where you need to be. Although there are some top alternatives to taxi booking app Careem. So, the details are following- All the alternatives mentioned above are tough competitors to the app like Careem that you can consider while researching the taxi app clone.

The Conclusion!

Transportation is one of our prime needs us. Several options are available where taxi booking app like Careem, Uber, etc., are some of the best options. It would be best to hire an experienced mobile app development companyĀ to develop a fine product for you to develop a taxi app. Taxi business owners can leverage the app for business purposes. By 2025, taxi booking app users are expected to reach 1635.3 million, indicating there are ample opportunities for app like Careem. So, if you are thinking in this direction, you are on the right path; you just need to launch an app that can cater to the commuterā€™s requirements.

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