Reasons Justifying Why iOS is More Secure Than Android in App Development

  • May 29, 2020
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Mobile devices while quite new in the wide world of technology, they have become the face of modern innovation. As of today, the majority of the world's population has a mobile phone and these numbers are always growing. So, it wasn’t a surprise when the mobile application becomes the forefront of the majority of world businesses. Now, there are a lot of start-ups and businesses who want to hire a mobile app development company and create a mobile app of their own.

When it comes to mobile application development, there are various different aspects involved here. This covers the features, design, back-end, and whatnot. But most important of it all and possibly one of the foremost things is the app development platform. And when we speak of the app platform there are two names that come to mind. These are iOS app development and Android app development.

Android is a more widely used mobile platform and OS which is managed by none other than tech giant Google itself. On the flip side, iOS app development services are the more popular of the two. This platform while not as widely used as its counterpart, iOS is the driving force of all Apple devices.

iOS is a platform that is known for its well-planned design and top-notch quality. In addition to this, another highlighting quality of this platform is how secure it is. This is a point that is seen again and again in the iOS vs Android debate.

Speaking of security, this is an important attribute that everyone values. No one wants to compromise their data, especially through mobile apps. This is the reason why people often have a hard time choosing between these two platforms.

Infographic of Why iOS is More Secure Than Android in App Development

Why iOS is More Secure than Android in App Development

So, these are the three major reasons that tell us which of the mobile app development service is more secure. And the answer to this is iOS. This platform is highly regulated, not open-source, always receives security updates and a lot of other things. There are various reasons that add to the total value of iOS.

This doesn’t mean Android ones aren’t secure at all. In fact, finding an android development company might be easier, but one can’t ignore platforms’ open-source nature. In addition, it is also widely used and each mobile phone company has its own version of Android. This is something to consider when you want to hire mobile app developer.

Now, if you have chosen iOS as your platform of choice and have an idea for app development, you need to turn it into reality. And who is better to turn an idea into reality, than Dev Technosys. As a leading mobile app Development Company, our team of the developer isn’t just experienced but also innovative and creative. So, if you want to hire iOS app developer, we are here for you.

Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company USA. With 10+ years of experience, he assists all-scale businesses, from startups and SMEs to global brands with out-of-the-box IT solutions. He is known for his visionary qualities & adaptability to the latest technology and trends. Being passionate in every aspect, he is dedicated to offering smart mobile & web development solutions accessible and approachable for all business enterprises.

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