Things To Consider While Hiring A Web Developer

  • August 21, 2020
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Are you looking for website development? Then you should know how to hire web developer? I assure you this blog will help you to know every point.

Almost all businesses are still overwhelmed with the requirement of web development and owing to the preferences of their audience which require a website along with a mobile entity, and businesses tend to go for custom web development.

Websites offer location-based and real-time incentives to leverage the full capacities of the online audience. It compels the business to go for high-tech websites accompanies with the latest features, technologies, and functionalities to get an edge over their competitors.

However, for developing a great website, you may need to website development services that can deliver on time and within budget. You can also hire an independent web developer for the purpose of web development for your business.

Follow This Points to know How to Hire Web Developer

  1. Check References
  2. Interview the Developer
  3. Ask for Security and Privacy Policies
  4. Experience and Expertise
  5. Project Management
  6. What Payscale Do They Expect?
  7. Previous Projects/Portfolio
  8. Do They Understand All Trends In Web Development?
  9. Do They Understand SEO?
  10. Are They Good In Communication?

1. Check References

The generalized perception of businesses looking for web development is to check the entire portfolio of the developer or web development company. However, there are various aspects of a portfolio which fails to answer all the queries of the client. For example:

  1. Whether the project was duly delivered on time or not?
  2. Whether the project was completed within the budget?
  3. What was the attitude of the developer with the clients regarding conversations, project management, and reporting?
  4. How the developer behaved once the web development project was finished and the payment was done and then bugs or various maintenance issues that arise. Actually, how was the post-development behavior of the developer?

To get all the answers to these questions, you should come directly into contact with the past clients which have already benefited from the services of the developer that you wish to hire.

Also, web development industry does have provision to offer valid references of a web developer’s previous clients upon the particular request as well as the willingness of those previous clients to come into contact with any prospective client.

You should leverage cross-reference checking in order to know everything about the developer directly from the previous clients.

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2. Interview the Developer

When you are hiring a web developer for your web development project, he needs to provide you with profile links or even a CV.

It is always great to know the educational qualifications as well as a list of the projects done by the developer, but the main issue is that you need to know the creativity of the developer as well as gauge his practical expertise in order to deal with different complexities of your project.

Hence, it is certainly a better option to have individual visual chats or video conferencing with your prospective developer. Direct conversations with the developer can assure you in regards to his conversational abilities and also offer you the opportunities to know his skills with any type of practical tests that you wish to carry.

3. Ask for Security and Privacy Policies

Every business has some sort of confidential data, and it has its own concerns for personal information securities. A lot of web development projects need those confidential data and also to get deeper into the business processes.

The inherent threat is pertaining the revelation these business secrets to any unknown third parties or developer passing through the business’s analytic process in the entire course to gather personal, and business data is always present.

Therefore, a Non-Disclosure Agreement or an NDA signing is a legal process which is prevalent in the web development industry and among professional web developers. It makes sure that the data confidentiality, as well as privacy, remains the utmost concern that needs to be taken care of.

For the purpose of digital data security, web developers often use the local server as their development server, and when it comes to the time of deployment of the website, these developers take help of hosting providers in order to run internet-based development server for the purpose of testing and getting approvals from the clients.

After the website is published, the data remains with the web developer, and it requires physical to virtual security. Hence, you need to mention these things in your NDA and ask the web developer regarding it.

4. Experience and Expertise

A web developer can never acquire full expertise in all niches since learning various technologies and getting mastery is quite costly in many respect, and most of the developers can’t simply afford it.

Hence the developers often stay in relevant and selected niches whenever their skill set development is in consideration. These experts are quite capable of delivering a high-quality product, show flexibility as well as scalability in your web development projects.

Thus, it is quite imperative that you need to inquire about the skill sets of the web developers and match it with the project requirements of yours.

Another vital consideration in the selection process is the experience of the web developer. The more seasoned and experienced a web developer is, the better is the quality of the delivered project and long-term relationship.

5. Project Management

Client-centric designing, as well as development, client-centric approaches, and client satisfaction, remains to the most vital factors to tempt the prospective clients to work with a developer.

Therefore, a reputed custom software development company always focus on offering best client experiences by using professional-grade and the latest project management software along with best project management processes.

It allows the client to actively participate in the various project activities via their project management tools where the clients can easily and freely interact with the web developer and provide their valuable feedback and suggestions.

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6. What Payscale Do They Expect?

This is the first thing that both sides need to know is what is the payscale they both agree at. It is important knowing that companies have a certain package to hire web developers and they cannot give them more than that.

The employee and the employer need to discuss this well and need to reach a middle ground where both of them can stand together. The expected payscale should not be more than what is decided, it can cause disbalance in the budget of the web development hiring process.

7. Previous Projects/Portfolio

Make sure to check on the projects that the developer has done before. Portfolio of the developers and the live projects in them can tell the employers a lot about their developer candidate.

They might not have a great score in their graduation but they might have skills. There is no better way to analyze skills that observing the projects in which the developer has worked in the past. Make sure to check them all practically and not just theoretically.

8. Do They Understand All Trends In Web Development?

The world is changing and so are the ways of developing a website or a web application. Know if the developer is aware of all the trends in web development.

This will let the web development company know if the developer can add value to their organization or not. There are many other trends that directly affect the development quality.

Prepare a list of all the trends that are followed by the organizations and ask the candidates about them. Either they should have a strong basic knowledge so they can easily understand the trends after joining or they know it already. Other options than what mentioned earlier should be ignored.

9. Do They Understand SEO?

Web development is directly connected to SEO. On-page SEO is all about how a website or web application is developed. The complexity of the code, URL of the web pages, time to load, content placement, all of this affects the reach of a website. The developer should know about and understand what SEO is.

Developing the website according to the laws of SEO will help them rank higher in the SERPs. This will make it very easy for the website owners to promote a website whose On-page SEO is already strong. Web software development services need to pay attention to SEO now.

10. Are They Good In Communication?

Communication is a skill that a web developer must-have. Developers need to stay in contact with the client or the manager and report what is the progress of the website. This is what makes the website what it is.

They have to state the errors, they have to state the components that have been developed and the ones that are still remaining.

This cannot be done properly without having good communication skills. There are many problems that have to be communicated in the way they are otherwise the suggestions that seniors give can increase the damage.

It is an important skill, especially for a CRM development company.

Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company USA. With 10+ years of experience, he assists all-scale businesses, from startups and SMEs to global brands with out-of-the-box IT solutions. He is known for his visionary qualities & adaptability to the latest technology and trends. Being passionate in every aspect, he is dedicated to offering smart mobile & web development solutions accessible and approachable for all business enterprises.

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